Announcing Asset Intelligence and Data Security Posture Management

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360 Data Governance and Trust

A Unified Platform for Privacy, DSPM,
AI Governance, Customer Commitments, and
Third-Party Risk Management.

Access key modules for your data privacy & governance program with the fastest implementation time in the industry.

Risks and Insights
Asset Intelligence and Data Security Posture Management
Live: Data Inventory & Data Map
AI Governance and Posture Management
Vendor Lifecycle Management & ROPAs™
Products, Services & ROPAs™
Partner Lifecycle Management
Customer Commitments and Lifecycle Management
Universal ROPA™
Automated and Guided Assessments
Data Subject Requests
Consent Management

Intelligent Insights

Live Data Inventory & Map

Vendor Lifecycle Management & ROPAs

Internal Services & ROPAs

Data Subject Access Requests

Data Protection Assessments

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Executive Summaries & Reports

Marketplace Management

Compliance Training

Customer Management

Resources & Checklists