Announcing Asset Intelligence and Data Security Posture Management

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Proactive data protection built on code and contract level insights

A Unified Platform for Privacy, DSPM, AI Governance,
Customer Commitments, and Third-Party Risk Management.

The Relyance AI platform enables your entire organization to manage privacy and data protection. Mapping to your legal and technical source of truth, Relyance AI embeds within existing business processes so engineers can now speak contract and lawyers can now speak code. Data-driven insight keeps everyone focused on the most important privacy issues.

Live: Data Inventory & Data Map Module

The Data Inventory and Data Map Module provides a data inventory and map of personal data flows for Customer, which are derived from the integrations Customer configures and other information Relyance may collect from time to time.

Draw Insight by Assessing Risk

How to Get the Most Out of Data Protection Impact Assessments

From static to automated in 4-5 hours

Our light touch integration builds a strong data protection foundation in minutes, not months.


"Relyance AI has been a great partner to True. They understood our needs as a global, technology-driven company and made integration seamless while improving our ability to meet our GDPR requirements."

Joe Szabo


Risks and Insights Module

The Risks and Insights Module creates a list of key information and insights derived from the Relyance Intelligence Engine regarding Customer’s data processing that will help monitor and manage certain risks at Customer’s organization. It helps identify gaps through management and monitoring of data processing activities.

“Relyance AI insights have helped elevate our privacy compliance through proactive issue spotting.”

Lawrence Schoeb


Universal ROPA™

Automatically generate Universal Records of Processing Activities

Help Achieve Multi-Jurisdictional Record-Keeping Compliance with the Universal ROPA™

The Universal ROPA™ Module offers automatically generated records of processing activities, sorted by processing activity.

The Vendor Lifecycle Management & ROPAs Module creates a record of processing activity by third-party vendors with respect to the processing of personal information. It also helps to manage third-party contract and data flow lifecycles for certain risk, data processing activities, security breaches, and controls issues.

The Products, Services & ROPAs Module creates a record of internal processing activities of products, microservices, services, applications, or tools.  It tracks data flows of Customer products with respect to the processing of personal information.

From chaos to clarity in 4-5 hours

Our light touch integration builds a strong data protection foundation in minutes, not months.


“Relyance AI really helped us understand where we might have gaps within our contracts processes based on the data that we’re gathering from our providers. We are now able to correlate and say, “Are we meeting our GDPR and CCPA obligations with the vendors that we have in place?”

Shahzeb Jiwani

Director of Security and Compliance at Dialpad

Data Subject Requests

The Data Subject Requests Module allows management of the data subject request process, an end user facing portal with workflows to manage the collection, review, deletion, and exclusion of data that may be subject to data subjects’ rights requirements, and a schedule manager that helps Customer stay within the response time window they configure.

Automate DSARs Starting with the Right Foundation

Automated and Guided Assessments

The Automated and Guided Assessments Module enables Customer to create, host, and continuously update assessment templates as well as Customer’s own custom assessments, coupled with machine learning-derived responses and connections to other core modules, based on information provided to the Relyance platform via other integrations configured by the Customer.

Fastest implementation time in the industry

Relyance AI data privacy platform
A few lines of code in your build pipeline
4-5 hours
Most data privacy products
Burdensome implementation
90+ days

Operational reality meets legal requirements

Embed seamlessly and
directly within your


Scalable and agentless
integration with your


Automated detection of
processing activities and

Third Parties

Instantly address compliance
questions with

Real-Time Insights

"Our onboarding experience with Relyance has been top-notch. Their team was highly responsive, supportive, and knowledgeable across all aspects of our integration."

Jon Aldinger