Relyance AI to Debut Three New Platform Features at 2023 IAPP Global Privacy Summit

April 4, 2023


  • Relyance AI’s Data Protection Assessments (DPA) Module creates and manages privacy impact assessments in the Relyance AI platform, automating as much as 80% of the assessment, with automated maintenance based on real-time data flows and information
  • The Business Atlas feature enables greater customization of your data protection program, moving from dual-level to multi-level data inventory and data mapping visibility across groups of business entities within organizations, as well as across product and service lines
  • Event Tracking technology provides upgraded changes in vendors, internal services and data types identified by Relyance AI platform in near-real time

WASHINGTON, DC (APRIL 4, 2023) Relyance AI, the leading provider of ML-powered privacy, data governance, and compliance solutions, is bringing to market three new features available on its industry-leading data protection, privacy management, and governance platform, providing users with new customization and notification capabilities for greater visibility into their privacy programs. The new features will be introduced at the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Global Privacy Summit held April 3-5 in Washington, D.C. where Relyance AI’s Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Leila Golchehreh, is also leading two panels, and hosting distinguished panelists with organizations including Zoom, Coinbase, GitHub, Playco, and Digiphile Services Limited.

The new products to be released include a Data Protection Assessments (DPA) module, Business Atlas navigation, and Event Tracking, each of which provides deep machine learning and intelligent functionality that further differentiates the Relyance AI platform from competing software, delivering greater value and insights for all of its customers.

The Data Protection Assessments (DPA) module includes the automatic generation of up to 80% of a data protection assessment, saving time, improving accuracy due to the reliance on dynamic information flows that come from the source of truth instead of manual data entry, and enabling customers to create, complete and manage various assessments in a single location. As data changes or moves through an organization’s systems, the assessment is kept up to date and managed with real time information, providing alerts to customers through Relyance AI’s Intelligent Insights module. Relyance AI has finally solved what has typically been a manual, form-filling, time-consuming, and complex process and makes it more efficient and accurate through its advanced automated techniques.

Relyance AI’s Business Atlas feature enables customers to add multiple business entities, and unlimited products and services within those entities to track real-time information flows, enabling privacy professionals to visualize their data in a way that aligns with the global organizational structure of their business. This feature empowers Relyance users at organizations that have multiple entities within a group of companies to track information across the full group. 

Relyance AI’s new Event Tracking functionality enables users to customize the notifications they receive with details about new vendors, internal services, and data processing identified by the Relyance AI platform during its automated scans. Event Digest notifications provide near real-time information so customers can ensure their Records of Processing Activity (ROPAs) are updated, and the completely redesigned Enhanced Notification Bell provides relevant in-app notifications based on predetermined parameters, such as when an insight is assigned to them or when they are mentioned in an insight.

“Relyance AI’s sophisticated learning capabilities usher in a new generation of privacy technology. The first generation of privacy tooling relied on manual data entry or static information. These approaches simply will not keep pace with the current AI renaissance,” said Leila Golchehreh. Adding, “For privacy to truly keep pace with the speed of an organization and technology development, it must be embedded within engineering workflows, not push against them. The new functionality we’ve launched at the Global Privacy Summit is taking our customers’ privacy programs to a new level, one that meets the current demands of the technology sector, as well as those of the privacy professionals, engineers, and lawyers charged with meeting these demands. The Data Protection Module Relyance AI is launching would have changed my full career as a data privacy and security professional. It is an honor and privilege to offer true technology automation to the market, and to finally build a modern, intelligent, and practical privacy platform that works for the technology industry as a whole, including lawyers and engineers.”

"We are thrilled to introduce our latest product releases, which enable organizations to approach their data protection program through a change control lens, blending data privacy and machine learning seamlessly," said Abhi Sharma, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Relyance AI. "Our event tracking capabilities deliver unparalleled precision, enabling customers to proactively address potential privacy challenges through customizable, nuanced, and risk-based notifications about new or existing product features, ML models, vendors, internal services, and various data types processed by them continuously. The event digest streamlines ROPA updates and guides through data protection assessments ensuring efficient and reliable data governance. We are confident that our state-of-the-art diff-tracking system will profoundly enhance data protection capabilities, empowering businesses to grow securely and responsibly."

Relyance AI Co-Founder and Co-CEO to Lead Two Panels

In addition to launching the new product capabilities during the Global Privacy Summit, Relyance AI Co-Founder and Co-CEO Leila Golchehreh will lead two panels:

On Monday, April 3, 2023, from 9:30-10:30 AM ET, Ms. Golchehreh led a panel on “From the Ground Up: Privacy Engineering and Bridging the Legal and Engineering Gap” to discuss the many updates and developments in artificial intelligence and data privacy, including the Italian regulator’s decision to shut down ChatGPT, in part due to OpenAI’s inability to demonstrate compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation, which protects European Union residents’ data privacy. Ms. Golchehreh also discussed the need to shift from data-focused privacy programs to ones focused on code because code is where decisions about data processing are made. Together with privacy experts and customers from Coinbase and Zoom, the panel further discussed key challenges and tactics for building communication and collaboration between legal and engineering teams around the adoption of Privacy by Design principles and requirements. Attendees from large, publicly traded technology organizations shared Ms. Golchehreh’s panel was one of the “best of the IAPP’s Global Privacy Summit.”

On Wednesday, April 5, from 3:00-4:00 PM ET, Ms. Golchehreh will lead another panel on “Making the Business Case for Privacy: Unlocking Budget & Funding Your Program” in light of the economic downturn. Ms. Golchehreh will host panelists from GitHub, Plaid, Playco, and Digiphile Services, to provide advice to participants, whether they are building privacy programs in-house or advising clients as external counsel or consultants, about how to make the business case for a privacy and data protection program with executives, the board, and cross-functional teams, even while the technology sector is facing layoffs and cutting costs. This panel will offer strategies to ensure your data protection, privacy and trust program is funded, and new approaches to communicate effectively with C-suite executives and boards about the value and necessity of data protection as an investment in an organization’s future.

The annual IAPP Global Privacy Summit is the world’s largest and most prestigious international privacy conference, bringing together privacy and data protection professionals from all over the world to connect and learn about the latest developments in privacy and data protection. Registration information can be accessed here.

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